A downloadable asset pack

Hi everyone, i am very proud to share this huge collection of free vector icons with you. I have created these icons last year for my Market Place project which is now closed, and so i have decided to make all these icons available for free!


  • 3000+ Free Vector Icons
  • 35+ Icon Categories
  • Well organised
  • Each icon is available in 2 styles (Outline and Solid)
  • Each icon is available in AI, EPS, SVG, PNG and IconJar file format.
  • Each .PNG icon is available in 7 different sizes
  • Designed on a 32px grid for Pixel-Perfect results
  • Easy to edit and change colors
  • Bonus Icons 

Feel free to use these icons in your free or commercial projects, you don't have to mention Wishforge Games in any way but i would really appreciate it if you do so.

If you like this project please follow me on:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WishforgeGames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WishforgeGames
Discord: https://discord.gg/vpnkyU9
Blog: https://wishforge.blogspot.com/
Website: http://wishforge.games/

If you'd like to support Wishforge Games you can do it by purchasing our original gadgets here: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/wishforge-games/ or simply by sharing this project with your friends :)

Thanks for Downloading!

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Free Icons - UiconMAX v1.1.0.zip 705 MB


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Can be used for making an app icon?

Thank you, very cool

Really cool. Ill probably use these but edit them a bit to match whatever theme I have going on. Thank you very much.

This is amazing! Keep up this good work!

Thank you for the cool asset pack

Good for a simple game that is probably based on story.


Thanks again for releasing all of these for free! This is quite an extensive collection of icons.

I know you’ve mentioned that these are free to use, but is there a particular license like CC-BY or something as permissive as CC0 that these assets are provided under?

A license would help clarify “how free” these assets are, if you could provide one.

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Wishforge wrote :

  • Easy to edit and change colors

And so, it can be deduced that you (technically) have full rights on the icons (except take them and sell them as is but with your name instead of Wishforge’s)

Don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong!

I did a screen-grab of the area where the owner says 

"Feel free to use these icons in your free or commercial projects, you don't have to mention Wishforge Games in any way but i would really appreciate it if you do so."

I will keep it with my files. I think you might be a lot safer doing something similar.

I will still give credit in my game's credits. I think thats fair. They dont look like they require this, but I think its fair.

giant collection that im surprised you dont charge for, what with the quality as nice as this is! thanks so much.


This is pretty big - maybe consider breaking it up into smaller files for downloads?

hey i acually loved these at first they where kinda useless untell i realized how many category's there was and i acualy use the entire Halloween category i used it in 


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you may need to go to a internet cafe to get the internet required to get download it (this is for those of you who can't download it) most cafes cost tho

It keeps timing out :(

won't download !

Wow! Half a gig in size, nice job!

Thank you I will enjoy its super pack of icons (:

thank you soo much man you helped a lot with tuts and now this

Nice collection and good imagery.  Thanks for releasing for free.

Thanks for downloading :)

you are awesome thank u so much

Thankyou! I will use it in my project surely. :D

Thanks for downloading  :) Enjoy!

nice i will use this for my current project! well made icons! ^^ <3

Thank you ! i hope you will enjoy them :)

very giant perfect collection!!

Thank you :) i am glad you like it

Amazing! :)

Thanks :) I hope you will enjoy using these icons

Thank you for this!

Thanks for downloading :) Enjoy


Thanks you!


Thanks for downloading :)