A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to Squaremoji Island, a physics based, action-platformer madness filled with fun graphics, animations and challenging environments. This project has started from a simple tutorial about physic engine in GDevelop App, but soon it evolved in my main project and currently this game is in active development.

In this Demo you will be able to play a tutorial level and 1 small demo level, but i will be updating this demo with new stuff on a regular basis and a Level Builder is coming up next :) so stay tuned!

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Squaremoji-Demo-Install.exe 56 MB
Squaremoji Demo Windows 74 MB
Squaremoji-Demo-MacOS.zip 72 MB
Squaremoji-Demo-Linux.AppImage 78 MB

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i love your dance

i kind of wish u still continued tmr

Wishforge is a genius, i don't really know the words to describe you with.... 

Thanks for he tutorials... 

I would love to design my own SquareMoji character. What did u use in designing yours? 

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I love your design so I created my own squaremoji character and so can you add it. It shoots lasers.

Please, what did you use in designing your SquareMoji character?... Is it on piskel or another app. 

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Well, Wishforge Games used Adobe Illustrator which is probably not free but I simply used Google Drawings

Ok... Thanks for your reply, i really appreciate... 

Cool graphics and fun game play, keep up the great work (and tutorials ) 


Nice game!! Some good stuff. The graphics are amazing ,so cute. I notice that you can endless jump if you are touching floor or walls, and if you press X and SPACE, endless jump again. I can dead jumping to hight creating clones and by explosions.


Thank you :) yes, this is very early prototype, there are a lot of bugs and things i am fixing, also there is no level design, with the next updates you will start to see some more interesting gameplay, stay tuned :)

Why cant i download it, it shown forbiden


try to download the zip file


Amazing game dev :D 

Thanks! so cool to see other people playing my game :D

The Game is really fun, love the art style, but there is a glitch where the player can do a box jump, if you create a block and then jump you can gain height, which makes the demo level a breeze, other than that, I really enjoyed this game!

Thank you :) yes there are plenty of bugs and things to work on, that particular bug will go away in the next build, but for now enjoy crazy jumps :D

Nice work mate

Thank you :) still a long way to go, but at least there is a base to work with :)

I've been following you here and on Youtube for a while so it's great to finally play the game. Looking good so far! 

Thank you :) i really appreciate it!

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Interesting game, but there are a few underdevelopments. It's not easy for me to write more about this game, I'm waiting for updates and new levels! Cool as if the possibility of character selection/purchase were available:)


Thanks for feedback, this is just a very early demo, many things will change and improve overtime, stay tuned ;)