GDevelop Particles is a free library of particle effects made with GDevelop App. All particle effects are easy to customize and free to use in your free or commercial projects. Each effect is easy to customize with internal GDevelop particle system and events.


  • 20 Unique particle effects (Fire, Water, Magic, Explosions, Snow and more...)
  • Easy to customize with GDevelop Particle System and Events
  • Well organized and easy to read GDevelop project and events
  • Preview each effect in real time 
  • Move effects with your mouse
  • Preview effects on a dark or bright background
  • Enable or disable emitter frame
  • Free lifetime updates and additional particle effects

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GDevelop Particles Source 2.5 MB
Demo 154 MB


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Amazing work!

This is amazing, how do I install it in Gdevelop?

Thank you! Can you create more pixel style particles for 8bit games and retro people like myself when you update this?

I appreciate everything you do, You have helped me become a better dev with your tutorials and feedback. Cheers!


Pixel flame is actually minecraft flame (Nah, it isn't in minecraft but it was cool to be).

How can I download it as an app!?


This looks nice! Any way to import/use it on Unity somehow ?

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I don't think so since this is a built-in feature in GDevelop5.


Thanks.Really helpful.I use hyperdrive effect in Gdevelop space simulation demo  which use particle effects a lot.I put your name and link in credits.Dragonfly - Gdevelop space simulation demo


Can this be implemented within Unity easily?

Thanks for sharing your work with us. It brings my small game on a new level. Thanks !


Thanks :) i'm glad you've found it useful

I'm new in GDevelop so I don't know a lot about the coding I like this project a lot! Can you tell me how to open/run this? :)

Oh I found how to open it


oh man you are so talented i really like your work

I have two questions

what's the difference between the two files ?

Are they free for commercial use

Thank you :) so these are free for any use and the difference between 2 files is just one is source file and the other one just builds for various platforms

Really nice work, 

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you :) Enjoy!

Thanks, ever since I've saw your demo game and all the work you've been doing you've motivated me to use Gdevelop, I was having doubts on the game engine at first but I was wrong

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Thank you :) this feedback is very motivating for me as well, i truly believe that GDevelop is a very cool and powerful engine and i am trying to explore all the features as much as i can and show what you can do with them, so far very happy with the engine. I am also currently exploring the physics engine and i must say it is very cool, will soon post my findings and examples but you can see some sneak peek here:


hey you are really an epic person

Oh wow! And that's an Epic Feedback :D thanks!

Once again, you've done some amazing work! Can't wait to implement some of these in a few projects. :)

Thanks :) I hope these particles will be useful for your projects. Thanks for Downloading

I couldn't believe gdevelop can do such things, I'll look into it and learn to apply this quality to my projects O:


Thanks for feedback and for downloading the project :) i am glad you like it and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask