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Hello Guys!

Maybe some of you remember. Last year i have worked on a game called "The Mighty Rune", released a demo of it (which you can download here on itch.io) but then i've moved to another project. 

Well, today i am very happy to tell you that i have released all the assets i've created for that game for free! You are free to download and use these assets in your projects and if you do so, i would really appreciate if you could mention me and some of my links :)

This asset pack includes almost 150 assets, animations, tiles, ui, enemies, backgrounds and so on.

I hope you will enjoy this asset pack and thanks for Downloading!

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MR-Platformer-PixelAssets-v1.zip 122 kB


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Can use this assets for commercial game ?

I think so if you give credit!

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I like the environment

Sounds? :(

do :)

Amazingly beautiful assets. I wonder if I can use them in my project.

Very cool assets!


what's that on the player's head

Looks like blue meat ala green eggs and ham.


The colors are amazing!

where did you find such sounds, can you recommend, please

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Mega cool


can i use this for my game and thanks you for this asset




G üzel

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Use gdevelop

i want to make a game like the migthy rune but i cant make it because i dont know, can you help me

Go on youtube or something, thats were i started

Very Cool!! Thank you


I know everybody says it awesome but I will say it again anyway. This is fkking awesome dude


this is awesome


thanks man i have a commercial game project. Is it a problem if it is used?

i am turkish

my english may be a little bad i'm sorry

ill credit you

is ok to use it for my game

Thank you very much for the content 

can i use this for my comercial game

Yes, absolutely

Hello, first of all, I really liked your work, you have discord ?

Hey, Thank you :D and yes, i have discord: Wishforge (discord.com)


Thanks for all your content!! ♥️

This is amazing!!

Thanks :)

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i will like to see purple and green trees i will like to see maybe make a potion with the minecraft style but like a remake

but else good work

I loved it!

Thank you :D


I like the style of this Pack keep it up!


Awesome pack with such a fun style! What were your grid options when putting together the demo? Thanks!

The grid is the same size as the floor tiles 24x24

Thank you very much!

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This is so cool! keep up the good work, also how fast should the animations be?

Thanks :D animations have different speed, i guess you just have to play around with it and see what works better for you

Oh ok! :)

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Amazing stuff. Happy you released the art for free, kinda sad the original game you was making will not be finished! Looked so good!

Thanks :D well, I have moved my efforts to another project which i think has more potential, so i don't regret this at all :)

is there anyway you can include the glowing fire-flies and the glowing color-masks for the crystals and the light lamps? also, is there any way you can include the fx of enemy killed and objects picked up? the asset pack does not include these wonderful stuff. Thanks in advance.

Hey, glow and some of the effects are done inside the engine with particle effects and are not designed as sprites, that is why these are not included. The enemy kill fx yes, i will add that today or tomorrow

great thanks a million. when you have time to add the enemy kill, bonus object pickup fx; can you also please add the animated bottle .... that looks awesome. thanks a million

Oh Yeah, missed that one :D will add it tomorrow

cool, thanks

It's so cool! I love the crystal theme!

Thanks :D

your artwork is always amazing <3


Thank you :D !


Hi,what a amazing work it is. Could you give me some tips of creating pixel art? Book or video tutorial. Thank you.

Hey, thank you :) the best source of learning of pixel art is YouTube in my opinion, i've learned almost everything there. I also made a few pixelart tutorials: Wishforge Games - YouTube

Wow, I have subscribe your channel.Thank you.

Thank you ! :D

they can be modified and I can use them for commercial and non-commercial projects