Hey guys, another week another example project :) Today I will explain how to create virtual joystick in GDevelop to be used for mobile or touch screen devices.

UPDATE - Fixed the UI problem when centring the camera on the spaceship

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Gdevelop-Touch-Joystick-Camera-FIX-1.0.1.zip 233 kB


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Noice Baby

Loved it.

Love It


gracias, milgracias

De nada :)

hi, is it copyright free ? I mean, can I use the assets for commercial things ? or should I credit you ? 

these assets a free to use and if you want to mention me in a project that's great, but you don't have to :)

hi andre iam gokul dev i changed my name to flow motion.. 

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Hi, thanks for feedback and for reporting the problem. To make it work with screen scrolling you need to change where it says MouseX() and MouseY() to MouseX("UI") and MouseY("UI") so then it will keep the coordinates of the mouse on the UI Layer instead. Also make sure to place the TouchRadius Sprite Object on the UI Layer as well. Just tested this and it works well, i will upload updated project file soon as well.

Hello, your tutorials are always awesome. Hats of to you. In this particular asset, if I Center the camera on the player, the joystick doesnot work at all. I figured the problem out, it’s because the screen coordinates change when you center the camera, I mean, mouseX and mouseY change. Is there any solution?

By the way, english isnot my first language, so you might get hard time understanding this.