Hi Guys, Recently I was messing around with GDevelop to figure out a good way to make a volume/sound slider for my own projects, but I've decided to publish this for anyone to use.

Here are some some features:

  • Easy to customize (Skin and Size) - It will not break if resized horizontally
  • Percentage tooltip - Display volume level by percentage (0-100%)
  • Save and Load Volume Level (Keys: S - Save, R - Clear Saved Volume, Restart the project to Load Saved Setting)
  • Free source PSD and PNG images included
  • It's Totally FREE! :)

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Thanks for Downloading!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
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Tagsgdevelop, slider, sound, User Interface (UI), volume


GDevelop - Volume Slider.rar 1 MB


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This is da best!

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A simple yet useful tool, great work

Thank you :)