This week i will show you how to create a basic 2D Shooter Platformer in GDevelop and how to separate the body of your character from your weapon to get 2 benefits: 1. You can animate these 2 parts separately so it's easier to show your shot animation in situations like jump, run or just idle. 2. you could potentially reskin your character and your weapon separately, without creating tons of variations of your character assets and animations.

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GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Made withPixiJS
Tagsexample, Game Boy, Game engine, gdevelop, gun, shot


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Nothing happens when you fall down. Is that a bug?

Thanks for tutorial :D

Love It! Can I use it in my game?

Thanks :) yes, this is all free, including assets

Wow, thats awesome!

I know😊

Very good! I love the platform :)

thanks :)

Please wishforge do u make the characters because i like this character and the quality pls i would like more assets like this

Yes this is a really good illustration Wishforge should definitely make more like this.

Thanks :) eventually i will make an asset pack of these, this is in my plans

Hey, Can I Use these resources for a game?

Yes you can, these are free :)

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Thanks =D

thx , I need setting menu for my game please  explain it

and also control to the sound thank you .

Hey, for the menu you could take a look at this: 

and for the sound stuff, maybe this one will help:

Your GDevelop stuff is top notch! Hat off! 

Thank you for such nice words :) i am very glad that you like my work

Would one be able to use the graphics from this example in a game?

Yes, these are free