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The Mighty Rune is a 2D pixel art adventure platformer. You will be helping a brave hero to return the stolen Magical Rune to his village. Explore mystical and dangerous places while you fight evil creatures along the journey to unravel the mystery of The Mighty Rune.

The game is in active development and this is an early demo build. Please report any issues/bugs or give any feedback and suggestions on the following channels. Your help is very appreciated :)

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TMR-Demo-1.2-Windows.zip 59 MB
TMR-Demo-1.2-MacOS.zip 56 MB
TMR-Demo-1.2-Linux.AppImage 60 MB

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Solo diré me encanto el juego, y en especial el entorno de pixel que tiene.

best pixel game i ever seen

Oh wow :D thanks for appreciation 

It’s seems really good !

thanks :)

Deleted 59 days ago

Hey, sorry for late reply, it's just one of the default fonts from itch.io, it's called pixel

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Cool, thanks! I accidentally deleted the original post :( 

no problems :D

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LOVE IT!!! I've been using Gdevelop for about 5 months now and this is what i want my games to be like someday!

Thank you very much for great feedback :) you can check my youtube channel i post lots of tutorials about gdevelop there.

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A very niiiiiice game !

Thank you :) glad you like it

What game engine did you use Godot or Unity 

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Hi, i've used GDevelop App for this

Very nice game :clap: :clap

Thank you :)

It's a cool atmosphere you built there with the music and sounds, they go along nicely with the tribal/village theme! The art is very nice too.

Just want to share some feedback and ideas:

- Speed to stop: the player slides a bit when stop walking, the floor feels kinda slippery, but it is all grass and rocks, right? A sudden stop would feel more realistic to me, but it is a matter of taste anyways.

- Crossbow mechanic: think about holding X to load an arrow, and releasing X to shoot it. It could even be explored for power shots (like in Megaman).

- Camera movement: it shows more of what is behind me, and less of what is in front. Maybe the opposite would make more sense.

- Secret places: there is a barrier in some dark spots to avoid the player from falling down. Maybe some could be walked through to lead to secret areas (like in Commander Keen)?

Overall, awesome piece. I can't wait to play the rest of it!

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. I do really value players feedback and always include most of the suggestions it my trello roadmap, so I will include there some of yours as well :) 

Thanks again for taking time to test the game and write this post. Stay tuned for new builds and improvements, I hope to make this game more and more enjoyable with every build.

Really liked the art, gameplay and the music/atmosphere. The only critique I have is that I wish there were checkpoints so you didn't have to restart at the village.
Otherwise good job, can't wait for future updates.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I am planning to implement checkpoints and I am working on implementing all other feedback from my user play tests in the next demo build. Thank for testing the prototype and thank you for taking time to leave your feedback, I really appreciate it.